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Foto © Atelier Jäckstein
Foto © Atelier Jäckstein

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Laboratory for Overflowing Artwork

Current exhibitions:

"(no) roots" - european academy of arts lecturers show

Art gallery at the European Academy of Arts Trier, 19.7. - 22.8.2019
More informations:

World premiere: "130 years artist colony Gothmund"

"19. Lübecker Museumsnacht (Night of the luebeck museums) ", 31.8.2019, 18.00 - 24.00 Uhr, studio Jaeckstein, Wallstr. 17, Lübeck

Original works from private collections. Fine Art from the 19th and 20th Century till the new works Jaeckstein's at the fisherman village.

In 2013 Heiko Jaeckstein accidentally discovered the Artists' Colony of the Impressionists from 1889 while painting and buying fresh fish. Many Generations of Artists were drawn to the banks of the Trave and the area around Lübeck, well into the 20th Century. The remote Villages of Gothmund, Israelsdorf and Schlutup, and even the pulsating upscale Travemuende offered an limitless number of motives to be painted. More info under:

Atelier Jäckstein

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