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Ready for a museum! Gothmund and Israelsdorf works in the Museum Behnhaus Drägerhaus Lübeck

With the poster motif from Ernst Eitner's Gothmund gouache "Dörfliche Idylle" from 1890, the Behnhaus Drägerhaus Museum is advertising the exhibition "Gothmund. Fischerdorf und Künstlerort", which runs from April 23 to December 30, 2023 in the special exhibition rooms of the Lübeck Museum of Classical Modernism and the 19th Century.

Works by Christian Rohlfs, Ernst Eitner, Gustav Wendling, Johannes Martini, CC Schirm, Sophus Hansen, Clarita Beyer, Karl Gatermann the Elder and Wilhelm Schodde.

In the second part of the exhibition, which will be on view from August 29 and has its thematic focus on industrialization and changes in the travel landscape, current works by Heiko Jäckstein will be on display, which will be contrasted with the Impressionist works.

Atelier Jäckstein

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